GHG Emissions Management System and Co2e Passport

GEMS is a SaaS application for companies to calculate their environmental and social impact. This application is integrated with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Carbon Management Program.
Co2e Passport is a mobile application. Alongside the world’s first reward system, it provides a global identity to the carbon-conscious consumer community (CCCC).

GEMS Features


  • Create sustainability data from financial information using AI sustainability computational tool.
  • Measure the environmental and social impact of upstream and downstream supply chain activities.
  • Measure facility-specific GHG emissions.
  • Measure environmental and social impact at product design stage via product environmental simulations.
  • Measure sustainable Net Present Value (NPV) of capital investments before/after anticipated carbon tax legislations.
  • Measure water withdrawals, consumption, and stress.
  • Measure product carbon footprint and water intensity.
  • Create comparative data and predictive analytics.


  • Identify and manage environmental and social risks in the supply chain.
  • Set carbon emission mitigation targets and track the progress.
  • Create and manage sustainability ranking for your factories, branches, and offices, etc.
  • Manage future sustainability strategies/targets via predictive analytics using AI sustainability management tool.
  • Perform informed decisions based on AI-enabled internal carbon pricing tool.
  • Monitor and manage Sustainability analytics and matrixes.
  • Create custom sustainability reports and map them with SDG, GRI, and SASB guidelines.
  • Track your progress towards the NetZero target.

Next Step:

Seek seed funding to capitalize the above working model. 

Contact me, if it sounds interesting, Let’s explore further on commercial aspects and see if we can create an impact for a greater good to our planet. 

SDGs Tracking


End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Eradicate extreme poverty
Goal: By 2030 eradicate extreme poverty for all people everywhere, currently measured as people living on less than $1.90 a day.

Definition: Indicator 1.1.1 is the proportion of population below the international poverty line, by sex, age, employment status and geographical location (urban/rural).

The “international poverty line” is defined as $1.90 per day (updated from the previous poverty line of $1.25 to $1.90 in 2015).

This poverty line is measured in “international dollars” which are a hypothetical currency that adjusts for price differences between countries (purchasing power parity) and it is measured in prices of 2011 to adjust for price changes over time (inflation).